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FC Connect Top 10: Week 4

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Welcome to week 4, the final post of the Top 10 series, featuring sessions from FC Connect 2020. Simply scan the list and click to download the ones that interest you!

An Entrepreneur’s Journey: How to Build & Launch a Startup Within a Corporate Environment

Speaker: Niari Keverian, Entrepreneur at the Lighthouse Incubator Powered by Ocean Spray

Whether we realize it or not, entrepreneurship is embedded in every facet of our lives. Recently, society has been forced to take a crash course in what a day in the life of an entrepreneur looks like due to the pandemic—and society itself has become more entrepreneurial than ever before. We’ve learned to build, launch, grow, fail, pivot, iterate, and learn to be most comfortable with the uncomfortable. Niari Keverian had a head start. Niari began her career learning from the greatest minds in the CPG and Retail industry over 10+ years. Then, she took her plunge as an entrepreneur, launching her first startup ZOOS Greek Iced Teas. She now works as the first hired Entrepreneur within the Lighthouse Incubator Powered by Ocean Spray. Join Niari as she shares her entrepreneurial journey, and be inspired to bring back some fresh thinking into your day to day life personally and professionally.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Fail Fast, Learn Faster
  • Build for Your Consumer
  • Be Inspired & Always Have Fun

Amplifying Employee Voices for Happier Culture & Better Business 

Speaker: Sally Page Hunt, Senior Director of Community at Fuel Cycle

Productivity, well-being, community, and empathy = what employees care most about. Positive employee experience is essential to a functional workplace and ultimately employee retention. With the current occupational climate, many workers are on the fritz. Join this webinar to learn how to keep your employees satisfied members of the corporate family.

Learning Objectives: 

  • How to foster company culture and maintain a pulse on employee experience and sentiment using a variety of engaging tools and methods
  • How leveraging a dynamic community platform supports a two-way dialogue between employees and HR leaders to meet the new demand for connection that goes beyond email
  • Why centralizing efforts across departments (e.g. HR, IT, Action Committees, etc.) engages employees more and how to build a hub for information, feedback, and even virtual events

Preparing Now for Research in a Post-COVID World

Speaker: Simon Chadwick, Managing Partner at Cambiar 

The global pandemic crisis has brought huge changes to the market research/consumer insights field. The overall market for primary research has declined significantly, but the impact has been very unevenly distributed. At the same time, the role of consumer insights functions in many companies has changed dramatically, rendering them closer to strategic decision-making.

This presentation will start by outlining data on these changes and will examine trends that may become permanent as opposed to those that fade away. What are the implications of these trends for our industry and profession? What are the implications for clients, agencies and the overall insights supply chain? And what are the effects of these implications for strategy and tactics going forward?

The final portion of the presentation will focus on how to formulate and execute on post-COVID strategy now (not after the crisis ends). What should you be concentrating on and how do you implement a strategy that will place your business in a strong position when we emerge into whatever world awaits us?

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn which trends are for real and those that are more likely temporary
  • Understand what those trends mean for the profession and for you
  • Set a framework for deciding on post-COVID strategy now – and then execute

Better Measurement is the Secret Weapon to Brand Management

Speaker: Michelle Darcy, Senior Director at Lucid 

Brand management if often thought in terms of nailing the creative or landing the precise messaging. Yet, the real secret weapon to brand management may be better measurement. Better measurement of the audience, better measurement of ad response, and better measurement of channels performance can do more to improve branding.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Shift in thinking for brand management
  • Understanding rapid audience, ad, and channel testing through survey-based brand measurement
  • Knowledge about ways Lucid can help

A CMO Guide for Measuring and Managing Attention Outcomes 

Speaker: Max Kalehoff, VP of Marketing at Realeyes

Brand performance is reliant upon better decisioning with a clear path to results at the cash register. Attention management in advertising is about moving away from potentials and probabilities, and instead moving closer toward real and definitive outcomes. On one hand, there are proxy measures that help optimize to better attention outcomes. On the other hand, there is the measurement of actual human attention. Both are important and various techniques should work in concert to drive brand performance. Attention management is becoming a foundation of advertising. Marketing and advertising leaders who get ahead of it will experience performance gains in the near term, and significant competitive advantage over the long term. To manage to attention outcomes is to advertise responsibly.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Attention is the currency of the digital economy
  • Interaction metrics are a double-edged sword or not all CPMs are created equal
  • CMO mandate: prioritize attention and embed into brand strategy

The Cringeworthy Marketing Anti-Pattern Playbook

Speaker: Jono Bacon, Consultant & Community Expert

There are good and bad ways to get attention, leads, and eyeballs. While marketers will often wax lyrical about their techniques and methods, there is often little talked about what methods don’t work. Or, more importantly, what methods provide short-term results, but break long-term trust. In this session by Jono Bacon, he will provide a tour-de-force of what not to do. He will cover lead generation, social media, email marketing, and other techniques that have not just solicited crickets, but also groans and unsubscribes. If you want a playbook on what not to do in marketing your company as well as how to build genuine trust and relationships, be sure to join this session.

Learning Objectives:

  • The critical balance of long-term benefits vs. short-term rewards, how to identify the balance, and ways to keep you focused on the right results.
  • A collection of anti-patterns of poorly executed and delivered approaches to social media, email marketing, brand awareness, community building, and more. Importantly, Jono will show you how to achieve the desired results with alternative approaches.
  • The critical role of honestly, voice, and personality in your overall marketing messaging and how to get the right balance to build genuine trust with your audience.

Emotional Measurement Under Lockdown

Speaker: Graham Page, Global Managing Director of Media Analytics at Affectiva

COVID-19 has transformed the research industry, not by simply depressing volumes of work, but by rendering entire methods unusable. Any method that requires people to gather in groups or specific locations has been forced online, or been shut down, which has caused huge problems for clients seeking direct “type 1” measures of emotion from non-verbal signals. However, measuring facial expressions of emotion using emotion AI offers a layer of direct insight into how people are feeling, that addresses these issues.

Learning Objectives: 

  • How emotion AI delivers complementary insights in ad and content research,
  • How emotion AI delivers complementary insights in online qual
  • How to get the most from research in a virtual setting

The Power of Relative Importance Analysis, As Demonstrated on a COVID-19 Dataset

Speaker: Carol Haney, Head of Research & Data Science at Qualtrics

Relative Importance Analysis is a modern extension of regression analysis. It’s ideal for survey data, which often includes highly correlated driver variables that can make traditional approaches to regression invalid.

Learning Objectives:

  • How has reduced social contact affected people’s lives?
  • How many people would intentionally infect themselves with the virus if that gave them greater access to certain jobs?
  • How sick do respondents believe they would be if they contracted COVID-19?
  • Most importantly for this presentation, what are the demographic and attitudinal drivers of responses to the above?

How Brands Can Gain a Competitive Advantage and Accelerate Mobile eCommerce Growth

Speaker: Bill Bloom, CEO and Ken Madsen, Chief Marketing Technologist at FastFocus 

It’s projected that by 2021, mobile eCommerce sales will account for over 54% of all eCommerce sales. Yet, A 2019 study found that only about 12% of consumers found mobile online shopping to be convenient. In this presentation, you’ll learn about the latest thinking on how your brand can win the hearts & dollars of your mobile eCommerce customers.

Learning Objectives: 

  • What the Mobile Image Maturity Model is and why it’s important to you
  • Best practices in testing the mobile eCommerce customer journey using behavioral tools
  • Leveraging the data to implement the optimal customer journey and maximize sales

Fireside Chat: From COVID to Content Leadership

Speaker: Jono Bacon, Consultant & Community Expert, Calista Corely, Fuel Cycle CRO, and Polly Speros, Fuel Cycle

Join community expert and award-winning author Jono Bacon, Calista Corley, Fuel Cycle CRO and Polly Speros, Fuel Cycle VP of Sales as they discuss the ups and downs of remote work, including key technologies and how community plays a role.

That concludes the Top 10 Series from FC Connect! Thanks for joining us for the recap.

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