FC Connect Top 10: Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of the Top 10 series, featuring sessions from FC Connect 2020. Simply scan the list and click to download the ones that interest you!

Accelerating Connected Health in Disease During Covid-19

Speaker: Virginia Owen, Director of Product Management, and Diana Strubler, Director of Product Strategy at Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius Medical Care serves 200k+ patients on dialysis across 2300+ clinics nationally. During COVID-19, we rapidly rolled outpatient engagement, telemedicine and provider apps to accelerate connected health and continuity of care. This session is a case study of our journey and learnings.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understanding end-users: deep insights on our patients, physicians and care teams
  • Organizing for action: aligning teams and getting c-level engagement
  • Agile execution: rapid deployment and iterative improvements

Emotion Matters! Now What? 

Speaker: Abigail Hollister, Principal at Formative Insights 

As the frameworks of the modern father of Behavioral Economics, Daniel Kahneman, continue to become more widespread in marketing and advertising ideology and practice, we hear “System 1” and “System 2” an awful lot now. We’ve come to understand how important of a role emotion plays in our everyday decision-making but know there’s more to understanding it than just asking consumers “how do you feel?” Putting emotional measurement to work for brands is much more complex than that.

This session will work to demystify the world of emotional measurement, breaking down the different methodologies and models put to work by researchers today.

Learning Objectives: 

  • How to think about the different emotional models applied to emotional measurement
  • What different methods of emotional measurement tell brands
  • How to decide what type of measurement is right for your needs

How Denny’s is Adapting to the New Normal

Speaker: Luis Martinez, Director of Marketing Intelligence & CRM at Denny’s 

Denny’s Director of Marketing Intelligence & CRM shares how they pivoted operations so quickly, how they empowered hyper-local marketing to their franchises, and what they are doing to prepare for the future.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Leaning on loyal customers to survive
  • Quickly adapting to delivery and contactless pickup model
  • Crafting a new communication strategy – messaging, segmentation, and timing
  • Empowering franchises for hyper-local success 

Consumer Insights Needed Now: Best Practices for Package Testing Online

Speaker: Abs Chamali, CEO at ConceptSauce, and Lauren McCluskey, VP of Qualitative Research at Magid 

In this unprecedented environment, actionable consumer insights are needed more than ever. Yet, in most cases, in-person qualitative is still not feasible. Enter the promise of online qualitative methodologies that have often been discussed yet rarely executed successfully. Today, Concept Sauce’s innovative tool combined with Magid’s best-in-class packaging expertise makes creating full-blown 3D ‘live’ stim a thing of the past. Learn how the two companies have collaboratively developed a winning formula for delivering the packaging insights clients need to make critical packaging and point-of-sale decisions.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Best practices for how to leverage virtual shelves in a qualitative context.
  • How to navigate partnerships with platform providers to successfully integrate virtual shelves into your pack test methods (i.e., when to do ‘live’ IDIs or focus groups vs. when to opt for asynchronous methods such as embedding the shelf into an online community or pre-work task).
  • How to avoid classic pitfalls and headaches of stim creation, managing bias and groupthink online, etc.

Incorporating Data Discovery into the DIY Strategy: How Fandango Drives Data to the Forefront of Decision-Making 

Speaker: Margaret Wilhelm, VP of Consumer Insights at Fandango, and Chris Fenlon, Enterprise Account Executive at KnowledgeHound 

DIY platforms become increasingly prevalent in insights teams’ tech stacks as many organizations move towards lower-budget, faster-return research strategies. Gathering data via DIY platforms is fast, easy, and cost-effective. Integrating that data alongside various other survey projects and socializing it out among key stakeholders, however, remains a challenge.

This is where data discovery came into play for Margaret Wilhelm, VP of Consumers Insights at Fandango. The Fandango team conducts much of their survey work via Qualtrics. They leverage KnowledgeHound’s platform to amplify this data and keep their stakeholders always in-the-know.

In this session, Margaret will discuss how she’s created a fully comprehensive DIY strategy that saves her team money and time, while also empowering her business partners to more effectively leverage valuable customer data.

Learning Objectives: 

  • How to efficiently democratize access to insights with integrated systems from collection, to dissemination, to analysis
  • How to empower business partners with self-service via dynamic keyword search across disparate data sets
  • How to transform an insights function from proactive to reactive with a concrete communication plan that guides stakeholders to newly available information

Tactical Uses of Emerging AI to Scale Research

Speaker: Andrew Konya, Founder & CEO at Remesh

The market and consumer tastes are in a constant state of change. Because this change is so complex, iterative and agile qualitative learnings are essential to remaining competitive. This challenge, combined with high-stakes business decisions, means that brands must begin leaning on and upgrading their use of AI to scale online consumer research.

Learning Objectives:

  • How predictive algorithms work to scale your research further
  • How new paradigms and possibilities can emerge when research goes virtual
  • What the application of AI could mean for the future of the world of research and insights

Negative Blessings: How COVID-19 Can Benefit Research

Speaker: Jennifer Plebani, Innovation Strategy Researcher

Although many of us, myself included, have had COVID-19 impact our livelihoods, the upside of a crisis with so many unknown unknowns is the need for exactly the type of guidance research can provide. Helping stakeholders become better consumers of data is one of the most powerful ways to guide your leadership team and clients. To do that, you need to showcase actionable insights in optimized deliverables, share highlights and caveats of other relevant research, and synthesize all those learnings in a way that empowers your stakeholders to critically evaluate research findings.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Tips for creating deliverables containing clearly actionable insights to better meet stakeholder needs
  • The three questions you can use to help stakeholders decide how much value to place on research findings
  • How to critically synthesize findings to create a cohesive and compelling story for stakeholders 

Co-Creation in the Age of Covid

Speaker: Patrick Gordon, SVP of Client Insight & Strategy at City National Bank

COVID-19 has forced departments and companies across all industries to rethink – in some cases, radically – how they conduct “business as usual.” Consumer research in the Financial Services space is no exception, and this session will answer the question: how can we meaningfully engage our clients in qualitative co-creation research sessions when we can’t be in the room together?

Learning Objectives:

  • How to develop a virtual/remote co-creation (including specific digital tools/partnerships)
  • Takeaways/implications from a recent CNB virtual co-creation case study
  • Best practices/tips for facilitating an engaging and productive co-creation session

Leveraging Research Data to Drive Social Change

Speaker: Kerry Hecht, Founder & CEO, and Liliana Bakhtiari, Director of Social Justice Research at Echo MR 

In this session, Kerry Hecht, CEO & Founder of Echo MR will discuss leveraging research data and how it can positively impact brand messaging and corporate structure in a transformative and progressive way.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Addressing corporate responsibility for tone (and tone-deafness)
  • How to find and amplify the right voices
  • How to present those voices in a meaningful way

How Pricing Can Make or Break Your NPD Launch 

Speaker: Nicole Teh, Director of Strategic, and Jason Widjaja, Market Researcher at

Whether you are adding to an existing line or launching in an entirely new category, pricing plays a major role in your product’s success. This webinar will examine the different pricing requirements for new product development; revenue, profitability, and market volume performance after the launch.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Selecting new product pricing that maximizes revenue
  • Avoiding product cannibalization
  • Differences in price sensitivity by SKU/brand
  • Price barriers, including budget and psychological pricing constraints
  • Differences in behavior by type of consumer (users vs. considerers)

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