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Activating Your Network: How Brands Can Cut Through the Digital Marketing Noise

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Written by: Priscilla McKinney
CEO & Momma Bird
Little Bird Marketing

The world is quickly adapting to become virtual. How is your sales strategy adjusting?

Undoubtedly, social media has fundamentally changed the way we live and do business. Research shows that buyers are 57% of the way through the buying process before they contact a salesperson. Add a global pandemic with no face-to-face meetings and conference – the need for online skills is at an all-time high, and in fact, a requisite for business survival.

Your ideal client is on a self-directed journey where they research, ask questions, and jump to conclusions about you, your products, and your brand all while remaining anonymous. People are now accustomed to doing the cursory research themselves. They know what they’re looking for. That’s part of why they don’t want those cold calls, trying to set up appointments to sell them stuff. In fact, 90% of B2B decision-makers won’t even respond to cold outreach, according to Harvard Business Review.

Connections, however, are still important

That’s where social media fills the gap. LinkedIn has found that 81% of buyers are likely to engage with brands that have a solid presence on social media, and 92% of B2B customers are more likely to engage with industry thought leaders. How do you prove you’re an industry thought leader? Consistently post quality, helpful, engaging content, and interact with other industry thought leaders meaningfully.

Gone are the days when you can post corporate messages and expect engagement It’s not just the sales department that needs social media. Brands must activate their entire team to effectively pull their key messages across platforms. As many others have turned back to social media at the same time, the space is noisy, and skill is required to be heard above the noise.

Are you posting the right content? Is it answering the persistent questions of your most ideal client? Find out what the pros know about amplifying your brand’s voice on Twitter and LinkedIn. Attendees of our FC Connect session will leave with an arsenal of tips that give your business a competitive edge on social media.

True change comes with company-wide digital transformation

In our 12-week course, we empower and equip teams to leverage social channels for sales effectiveness and revenue growth. These skill transformation modules instill the needed mindset shift and technical skills to create huge efficiencies and codify what it takes to generate leads and drive revenue through social media efforts.

Learn more about the course here.

If you want a sneak peek at what we’ve got to offer, check out the recording of my FC Connect 2020 session, “What Brands Need to Know about Social Media to Be Heard Above the Noise.”

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