In honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day (January 25th) we have started a new blog post series – the Community Manager Spotlight. On the 25th of every month we will be highlighting one of our very own FUEL CYCLE Client Success team members. Their expert insights can be used to learn a little more about what it takes to run a successful online community.
This week we are highlighting Amelia Evrigenis, Community Manager at FUEL CYCLE. Check out her interview below:
What is your name & job title?
Amelia Evrigenis, Community Manager
What is your favorite thing about your job?
Culture – it’s everything! FUEL CYCLE encourages a playful spirit amidst hard work. My teammates are sharp, efficient, and have a solid gold work ethic, but they’re also warm, humorous, and honest. I look forward to seeing my coworkers every day, and I don’t take it for granted.
How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Vivacious, Adventurous, and Philosophical
What’s your favorite brand and why?
Soylent! I greatly admire how Soylent both knows and owns its identity. Unlike most health companies, Soylent boasts the fact that their products are not “all natural.” They’ve leveraged technological advances to engineer a “human food” that provides all the nutrients we need, and they’re proud of it. Their transparency and pride only make me like their products more!
What does community mean to you?
For me, community is first and foremost about showing appreciation for customers, and, in turn, strengthening customer retention. Before members even complete a survey or join a discussion, community tells them, “We appreciate your business, we value your feedback, and we want to reward you for it.” What better way to build brand loyalty?
What is your #1 tip for other CS teams?
Focus on relationship! Support each other, challenge each other, and develop each other. Better relationships within your team will translate into better relationships with your customers.
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