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Brand Storytelling With Confidence

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Human emotion is the driving force behind most of our decisions, from what career we choose to what brands we use; emotion is at the core of why we do what we do, even if we don’t always know it. According to a Stanford study, it takes less than a second to make an impression on someone you meet for the first time. When it comes to brands, consumers are just as quick to cast judgment. For this very reason, brand storytelling has become a focus for businesses, old and new. 

Brand storytelling is the process of using a narrative to connect your brand to its customers. A compelling brand story will include all of the elements that any story requires: characters, setting, conflict, action, climax, and resolution. Including these essential elements allows you to showcase what your brand stands for. Illustrating the driving force behind your business will enable you to differentiate from the competition and secure a spot in your customer’s hearts and wallets. 

Brand storytelling helps convert new customers, engage old customers, and improves loyalty. Here’s your ultimate brand storytelling guide. 

Brand Storytelling Guide 

Brand storytelling is quite common in the B2C world but far less common in the B2B world. Why? It can be more challenging to engage your audience emotionally when selling products to other businesses, like software, hardware, consulting, and more. However, B2B should not ignore the benefits of storytelling, as 50% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase if they connect to a brand on an emotional level.

So, no matter whether you are a B2B or B2C business, how do you get started brand storytelling with confidence? Let’s look at some of the best tips for getting started. 

Create A Vision

The first step in crafting an effective brand story is to develop a vision statement. A vision statement is a brief description that defines your brand’s values and plans for the future. This statement should encapsulate why your business exists and offers the perfect starting point for your brand story.

Know Your Audience 

No matter how long you have been in business, you know that your customer base is the reason you exist. Creating and growing a relationship with your customers is vital for your continued survival and growth. Your brand story should speak directly to your customer. The idea here is to make them feel like your brand was conceived just for them. 

Make Your Brand A Person 

The next step towards creating a killer brand story is to make your brand a person. Ask yourself how you would describe your brand as a person—would they be quirky? serious? masculine? feminine? blue-collar? white-collar? Here are 12 commonly used archetypes that can help you identify exactly who you speak for and what you stand for.

Take some time to consider this to build a persona that will enhance your brand story. Once you establish a clear brand persona, you can maintain it in all of your marketing efforts. The brand persona will guide you in every piece of content and campaign you launch. 

Decide On A Narrative

Selecting a narrative will help organizations learn how to tell a brand story the right way. A standalone story or multiple stories that are part of a broader narrative are powerful options that will get your message across. Depending on your budget, you may want to try both.

No matter which path you choose, it’s essential to follow this simple three-step framework for your stories: self, us, and now. For “self,” you want to focus on how certain events or experiences led to your brand’s values. For “us,” you will transition to connecting your brand values to your customers’ values. Finally, in the “now” portion, you will call on your audience to join your brand while highlighting the shared values. 

Wrap Up

Storytelling is the most powerful tool for telling the world who your brand is and why it exists. Humans are genetically wired to respond to stories, and a memorable brand story is what people need to feel connected to your business. 

At Fuel Cycle, we help our clients crack the code on powerful brand storytelling. We do this by measuring brand awareness and creating a repeatable method to complement the magic of telling memorable stories.

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