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Top Tools for Audience Response Research in Media & Entertainment

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Written by: the Course5 Intelligence team 

Media companies need to strategically reinvent their portfolios to get ahead of the massive changes happening across the industry. To stay competitive in this era, it is important to understand how to sustain consumer engagement and to ensure better business outcomes for future releases by analyzing audience reaction on current video content. 

The most pre-eminent players in the media and entertainment industry, such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Disney, have already been leveraging program insights as part of their operations to enhance the customer experience. 

Digitization in the media and entertainment industry has empowered businesses to have unprecedented access to data on their customers. Despite this, attracting and keeping customers engaged are the biggest challenges faced by media and entertainment companies across the world. 

How Audience Response Supports Media & Entertainment 

By using the Course5 Program Research platform, entertainment companies can get detailed insights not only about their customer’s response but also their systems and processes. Here are some specific use cases:  

Detailed performance insights 

  • Get input to improve or fine-tune the episode or show being evaluated 
  • Identify the strong and weak areas of an episode/show vis-à-vis past & existing episodes 
  • Predict the success of an episode/series in terms of probability of success based on its promo 

Character & Genre analysis 

  • Learn how characters or combinations of characters impact ratings 
  • Understand how each character affects the high or low points 
  •  Through algorithms, determine who might be interested in certain categories of entertainment and gain the ability to target the right audiences 

Engage consumers with personalized offerings 

  • For getting more relevant response, use hyper-personalized targeting to attract suitable profiles for specific content based on elements such as genre or characters 

Fuel Cycle’s Partnership with Course5 Intelligence 

Fuel Cycle’s partnership with Course5 Intelligence gives users the power to gain critical consumer insight on content via Fuel Cycle survey panels and online communities. 

This partnership allows Fuel Cycle clients to leverage analytics and AI technology that is especially focused on transforming data on how people think, feel and react to content to improve program performance and strategic analytics for upcoming launches.  

What Are the Benefits? 

There are countless potential outcomes for users who leverage both solutions together for more powerful data gathering. Here are some specific use cases:  

  • Rough Cut Testing – to get instant audience feedback during the creation process 
  • Episode Testing – to achieve better series maintenance with viewer response in conjunction with other behavioral data  
  • Trailers & Promos Testing – for actionable insights on which trailers or promotions are most effective for various audience types  

How does it Work? 

Users can match Fuel Cycle survey panels, online community, and continuous research response data to build performance & predictive models. Course5 Program Research platform uses scoring methodologies to deliver insights on pilot shows, episodes & trailers. When leveraged together, businesses get real-time insights into the performance of their content and position in the marketplace so they can make improved strategic decisions. 

In Sum 

Fuel Cycle’s partnership with Course5 Intelligence is based on the understanding that the future of the media and entertainment industries lies in the ability to gather fast, contextual insights with AI-driven solutions. 

To learn how your company can collect, connect, and activate insights on your content, get in touch

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