Greenbook recently released a quick look into the top 20 emerging methods in the industry. This list acts as a reference for the type of research methods you should look into adopting this year if you’re invested in the future of research.

You’ll notice this list is divided into three sections. The first column shows what percentage of market researchers are using the listed method, the second column shows what percentage of marketer researchers are considering using the listed method, and finally, Greenbook combined both previous metrics to indicate interest.

The research methods are listed from highest in terms of interest to lowest. This gives market researchers a good idea of what research methods are the most popular and ordered from most popular to least.

Table: The GRIT Sneak Peek of Top 20 Emerging Research Methods (Greenbook)

Rank Labels In use Under Consideration Interest
1 Online Communities 60% 22% 82%
2 Text Analytics 46% 30% 76%
3 Mobile First Surveys 50% 24% 74%
4 Social Media Analytics 43% 28% 72%
5 Big Data Analytics 38% 32% 70%
6 Mobile Qualitative 44% 25% 69%
7 Webcam-Based Interviews 47% 22% 69%
8 Mobile Ethnography 35% 26% 61%
9 Micro-surveys 34% 25% 58%
10 Behavioral Economics Models 29% 29% 58%
11 Eye Tracking 34% 21% 55%
12 Research Gamification 25% 28% 53%
13 Facial analysis 20% 25% 45%
14 Applied Neuroscience 21% 22% 44%
15 Prediction Markets 19% 24% 43%
16 Internet of Things 12% 27% 40%
17 Virtual Environments/Virtual Reality 11% 27% 38%
18 Crowdsourcing 15% 22% 38%
19 Wearables Based Research 9% 27% 36%
20 Biometric Response 12% 20% 33%
21 Sensor/Usage/Telemetry Data 11% 19% 30%
Base 1533

What does the table mean?

Now that we’ve seen the statistics, let’s talk about the key points from the data and what they actually mean in terms of your research. Here are the top takeaways from Greenbook’s research:

Online communities: Online communities take the lead in terms of interest as the only mainstream method examined. Online communities can help you glean vital information from your most trusted customers to make better data-driven decisions.

 Analytics on the rise: You’ll notice 3 of the 5 top methods are focused on analytics. There is an increased interest in using analytics to gather data. Using analytics is a popular way to gather information and make your marketing efforts highly-relevant and personalized.

Qualitative options: Qualitative methods score between 61% and 69% indicating a strong interest in qualitative research in a data-centric world. What does this mean? Perhaps market researchers are becoming more and more interested in the Voice of the Customer.

 Wrap Up

 There you have it! A sneak peek into the top 20 emerging research methods and what they mean for you. What research methods are you interested in using this coming year?

To read the full report, download the PDF here!