The Agile Insights Platform for Actionable Intelligence

Welcome to the future of quantitative research. Ignition is a suite of advanced insights methodologies that deliver real-world intelligence. With Ignition, you’ll find solutions to your most pressing business problems quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Uncover your next move with customer intelligence

With Ignition, you’ll get useful, workable and predictive insights so you know exactly what’s happening and what to do next. Our methodologies are customizable to fit your brand’s needs and generate clear recommendations, so you can take immediate action.

Streamlined access to crucial insights at your fingertips

Turn any business question into transformative action with the agile insights platform.

Enhance User Experience

Measure how your UX stacks up against industry industry standards.

Prioritize Top Features

Categorize features to identify critical requirements, potential delighters, and more.

Optimize Product Price

Determine how changes to product or service price impact key performance metrics.

Track Brand Health

Compare your brand’s health with your top competitors by tracking key metrics over time.

Identify The Best Concepts

Determine which names, ideas, creative, and messaging resonate most with your audience.

Test Ad Effectiveness

Measure the impact of digital brand marketing efforts with real-time performance metrics.

Analyze Purchase Drivers

Identify the attributes that most impact a key attitude or behavior.

Run Targeted Segmentation

Pinpoint which segments are most likely to exhibit a desired attitude or behavior.

Test Significance

Determine how changes to product or service price impact key performance metrics.

Ignite action with Ignition.

Validate every decision quickly and efficiently.

Quickly Adopt expert insights methodologies

Target any audience including customers, prospects, or employees

Easily customize to suit your industry and brand

Automated analysis and advanced analytics

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