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If you’re in the business of developing a deeper understanding of your customers, market, and competitors then you’re probably also in the business of finding a more advanced market research platform. When it comes to comprehensive tools that go above and beyond collecting the most accurate customer intelligence, there is a clear solution. Fuel Cycle brings research communities to the modern day and is redefining the future of customer insights in very salient ways while giving you instant results and full transparency into your data.

Key Differences

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Instant Insights & Data Transparency

You don’t have time to wait for insights. Fuel Cycle gives you the keys to see data in real-time with automated insights so that you can make quick business decisions and truly keep a pulse on your customer’s ever-changing lifestyle. Fuel Cycle believes in full transparency and gives you access to the data you need when you need it.


With an undeniable commitment to Innovation, Fuel Cycle has been named #11 most innovative research software company in the GRIT 2019 report and is trusted by the worlds most innovative companies, such as Hulu, Google, and Viacom.

Fuel Cycle vs Vision Critical: Innovation
Fuel Cycle vs Vision Critical: Progressive Profiling

Progressive Profiling

With Fuel Cycle’s P2 Engine, build the most comprehensive view of your customer by connecting data from both inside and outside of the community including surveys, data files, polls, CRM and more to create the most up-to-date, single source of truth about your customer. This results in a research workflow that is faster, more accurate and automated.

Mobile App

Fuel Cycle offers a customized and branded Mobile App for each client, available for IOS and Android, which enables research participation on the go. Additional mobile research methods include Geolocation, virtual shop-alongs, mobile ethnographies, and automated push notifications.

Fuel Cycle vs Vision Critical: Moblie App
Fuel Cycle vs Vision Critical: Full Insights Community Platform

Full Insights Community Platform

Fuel Cycle is ready to service every research need with their Full Insights Community Platform. This includes providing both Quant and Qual tools as a packaged deal, strong research automation with advanced qualitative reporting capabilities, and a full stack of partner integrations offered on the Fuel Cycle Exchange. 

Make The Move To Fuel Cycle Today

Whether you are a current C Space customer or on the market for a research community solution, Fuel Cycle is committed to ensuring your brand the most seamless and painless migration to the best-in class research platform on the market. We look forward to answering any questions you might have.