Adapting to Changing Consumer Spending Trends in the Insurance Industry

Insurance Industry

With the rise of digitalization, companies across all sectors constantly compete for consumers’ limited attention online. The game is to stay visible, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult as more and more players develop their digital presence. According to a McKinsey analysis, in 2017, only five traditional omnichannel auto insurers were among the top 20 internet […]

The Insider’s Guide to Market Research for the Insurance Industry

The global market research industry is worth $82 billion, and it’s only showing signs of growth. That’s for a good reason. Market research in industries like insurance can hold massive sway over the success of multi-billion dollar companies. This white paper dives into how to make modern market research work in the insurance industry.

How Community Can Benefit The Insurance Industry In The Impending Recession

The last three years have been tumultuous for all businesses; however, the insurance industry has weathered the pandemic storm with grace and flexibility. Many insurance companies improved their systems and capabilities with new technology, allowing them to avoid significant casualties during COVID-19 shutdowns. The seismic shift in business operations truly benefited the industry and capitulated […]

Market Research for the Insurance Industry

Insurance companies are facing unprecedented challenges. From a regulatory perspective, the industry is being scrutinized more than ever before, and the cost of doing business is increasing. On top of that, customers are becoming more knowledgeable about their insurance options and more willing to shop around for better coverage at a lower price. Given that […]