Fuel Cycle Market Research Cloud

The ultimate agile insights platform

Continuous market research for continuous product innovation.

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All of your market research in one place

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Maintain constant connection with key audiences

Capture ongoing feedback with surveys, discussions, diary studies, and live chats with an always-on hub built for constant customer engagement.

  • Tap into any audience, anywhere, anytime, no matter how niche your target
  • Engage with an always-on environment for continuously flowing feedback
  • Conduct real-time product testing for faster iteration and more successful launches
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Get actionable intelligence, automated

Increase speed-to-insight with a suite of quantitative agile insights methodologies and advanced analytics that yield actionable results.

  • Exponentially accelerate research timelines with expert-crafted pre-built surveys
  • Customize surveys to fit virtually any use case, business question, or stimuli
  • Define clear follow-up actions with prescriptive reporting and advanced analytics
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Talk to your customers, wherever they are

Capture rich feedback from any audience, anywhere, any time with mobile-ready interviews and focus groups.

  • Gather deeper insights with a purpose-built solution for frictionless customer connections
  • Use advanced moderator controls like two-way screen share and time encoded notes, and a private observer room
  • Record and transcribe sessions for automated sentiment analysis and insight generation
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Fuel Cycle Exchange

Best-in-class tools in one place

Choose from the world’s leading market research tools, and from an extensive selection of integrated research solutions, to build your own custom research suite. Everything from survey software providers to niche end-point products are at your fingertips.

  • Get instant access to best-in-class quantitative and qualitative market research tools
  • Unify all your data from multiple sources within one platform for easier insight harvesting
  • Funnel insights into workflows across the organization with bilateral data syncing
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