To our customers and partners,

The human and economic cost of the COVID-19 crisis is unlike anything the world has experienced for many decades. Like you, we are hoping for the best and trying to do our part as family members, colleagues, and world citizens. I am writing to convey how Fuel Cycle may help you and your organization succeed despite the sudden chaos we’ve all been plunged into.

Team Before Self

One of Fuel Cycle’s four Core Values is “Team Before Self.” It’s something we take seriously, and during this time of crisis I want to extend the definition of Team to include our current customers and potential partners. Four standard offers of help are available and there are no requirements for long-term contractual commitments.

  • Three months complimentary use of the FC Essentials community plan, which can provide invaluable feedback on employee and customer experience during this time of need.
  • Unlimited use of an organizational morale pulse survey (either inside or outside an FC community).
  • Two questions free in a weekly nationally representative omnibus survey for the next four weeks (use up to two times).
  • If you have previously scheduled offline focus groups, in-depth interviews, or user experience lab research scheduled, you may migrate them to FC Live. The first session (up to 90 minutes), is complimentary.
  • Please reach out to either your current relationship manager or contact if we can be of service. Also note that paid recruiting, labor, or third-party costs are not included in this offer.

We’re here to Help

At times like these, relationships are often all we have to rely on. If there is anything else we can do to be a good partner to you, please don’t hesitate to ask. We may not be able to change the world immediately, but we’re here to help.

Above all, our sincere thanks to everyone treating patients in an ICU ward, to truck drivers delivering produce on a tight schedule, and to supply chain experts who keep the world moving.

In good health,

Eran Gilad

CEO, Fuel Cycle