9:30am EDT
6:30am PDT

Making the Case for User-Centered Research and Design
Mat Morgan, Director at AEM Corp

A CMO Guide for Measuring and Managing Attention Outcomes
Max Kalehoff, VP Marketing at Realeyes

Digitally Transforming Your Sales Approach: Being Heard Above the Noise
Priscilla McKinney, CEO at Little Bird Marketing

10:30am EDT
7:30am PDT

From Vanity to Value: How to Build an Innovation Program that Works
Christian Ponce, Director of Operational Transformation at LogMeIn

Automated Analytics: Qualitative Data to Quantifiable Insights in Seconds
Session: Coming Soon!
Sam Goapl, President, FMC

11:30am EDT
8:30am PDT

Panel: Day 1 – Making Meaningful Connections in a Time of Change
Panelists: TBA

12:00pm EDT
9:00am PDT

The Power of Storytelling in Sports
Renata Policicio, VP Research and Insights at ESPN

The Cringeworthy Marketing Anti-Pattern Playbook
Jono Bacon, World Leading Community Consultant and Author


1:00pm EDT
10:00am PDT

Co-Creating in the Age of COVID
Patrick Gordon, SVP of Client Insight & Strategy at City National Bank

Emotional Measurement Under Lockdown
Graham Page, Global Managing Director at Affectiva

Emotion Matters! Now What?
Abigail Hollister, CEO at Formative Insights

2:00pm EDT
11:00am PDT

7 Steps for Building a Scalable DIY Research Program that Influences Business Growth
Morgan Molnar, Director of Product Marketing at SurveyMonkey

LIVE Keynote
Barbara Corcoran, Businesswoman

Introduction by Eran Gilad, CEO at Fuel Cycle


3:00pm EDT
12:00pm PDT

Session: Coming Soon!
Wells Fargo


How Denny’s is Adopting to the New-Normal 
Luis Martinez, Director of Marketing Intelligence & Customer Relationship Management at Denny’s 

4:00pm EDT
1:00pm PDT

Leveraging Research Data To Drive Social Change
Kerry Hetch, CEO & Founder at Echo MR



5:00pm EDT
2:00pm PDT

Fireside Chat – Ft. Bryan Cogman, Writer & Producer for Game of Thrones, HBO, Disney
Host: Rick Kelly, CPO at Fuel Cycle