9:30am EDT
6:30am PDT

How Pricing Can Make or Break Your Portfolio

How Brands Can Gain a Competitive Advantage and Accelerate Mobile E-Commerce Growth
Bill Bloom, CEO & Founder at Fast Focus

Session: Coming Soon!
Ocean Spray

10:30am EDT
7:30am PDT

Session Title: TBA
Jeff Dahms, Director of Customer Experience at First National Bank of Omaha

Mastering Extreme Audience Agility for Optimal Advertising Performance
Katie Casavant, President at 0ptimus

B2B? or not 2B? Pleasing All the Stakeholders 
Nicole Ganville, Market Research Analyst at Vanguard

11:30am EDT
8:30am PDT

Panel: Day 2 – Corporate Activism from Within: Creating a Culture of Inclusion & Diversity
Panelists: TBA

12:00pm EDT
9:00am PDT

Understanding the ‘U’ in UX
Kim Callery, Design Program Director at IBM Watson

Session: Coming Soon!


1:00pm EDT
10:00am PDT

Preparing Now for Research in a Post-COVID World
Simon Chadwick, Managing Partner at Cambiar

Session: Coming Soon!

Incorporating Data Discovery into the DIY Strategy: How Fandango Drives Data to the Forefront of Decision-Making
Margaret Wilhelm, VP of Consumer Insights at Fandango

2:00pm EDT
11:00am PDT

Driving Action With Data
David Roberts, CEO at SurveyGizmo

LIVE Keynote
Max Amini, Comedian 

Introduction by Rick Kelly, CPO at Fuel Cycle

Session: Coming Soon!
William Gibson, Manager of Customer & Client Insights at Cadillac Fairview

3:00pm EDT
12:00pm PDT


Fireside Chat: From COVID to Content Leadership
Jono Bacon, World Leading Community Consultant and Author

Tactical Uses of Emerging AI to Scale Research
Andrew Konya, CEO & Founder at Remesh

4:00pm EDT
1:00pm PDT


Three Reasons Companies Miss the Mark on Customer-Centricity and How to Fix It 
Michelle Huff, CMO at Usertesting

Session: Coming Soon!