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Flexibility & Value

Fuel Cycle offers a more comprehensive solution by focusing on quantitative and qualitative research through communities. With Fuel Cycle’s P2 Engine, build the most comprehensive view of your customer by connecting data from both inside and outside of the community including surveys, data files, polls, CRM and more to create the most up-to-date, single source of truth about your customer. This results in a research workflow that is faster, more accurate and automated.

Innovation & Investment

Fuel Cycle’s undeniable commitment to innovation speaks for itself — we were named #11 most innovative research software company in the GRIT 2019 report and release 100+ enhancements per year. Fuel Cycle is trusted by the world’s most innovative companies such as Hulu, Google and Viacom — constant innovation means your investment never gets stale.

Full Insights Platform

Fuel Cycle touts their solution as a Full Insights Community Platform ready to service every research need. This includes providing both Quantitative and Qualitative tools as a packaged deal, strong research automation with advanced qualitative reporting capabilities

Member Profiling

Get a true 360 degree look at your customer by integrating various data sources from within and outside of the platform, to be used as an updated single source of truth across your entire organization.

FCX Marketplace

Already using other applications? No problem! FCX offers integrations from 35+ best in class applications so you have all the data in one platform. Customize your research suite through FCX Marketplace.

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