Brand Health Tracker

Elevate Above the Competition

The most admired brands have a continuous pulse on the market and a clear action plan to build things that people love. The Fuel Cycle Brand Health Tracker helps you uncover new opportunities, keep an eye on the competition and test strategies to win markets.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Understand key drivers of purchase intent to increase revenue and adoption. Our Essentials Tracker is based on new science that gets you more prediction in fewer questions. The results are near-continuous tracking and competitive intel to stay ahead.  

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Influence the Right Outcome

Increase market share for your product or service by knowing exactly who is more likely to convert and who to avoid. Key segment discovery in our Deep-Dive Tracker uncovers new opportunities to turn data into revenue.

Always Keep Your Tracker Current

From gas prices to inflation, macro add-ons allow you to easily track important world trends to see how they may affect your customers.

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Become the Most Admired Brand

We reinvented Brand Health Tracking to enable a new customizable experience. Learn more about how Essentials and Deep-Dive can take your brand further.