Announcing Fuel Cycle’s Newest Sales Director

Fuel Cycle is proud to announce Travis Crosby as our newest Sales Director. Travis has over 15 years of research experience collaborating with Fortune 500 clients ranging from media, technology, retail, finance, and CPG and has overseen accounts with global industry leaders.

Research Expertise

Travis began his career at Luth Research focusing on the impact of big data in market research. He had the privilege of leading projects and acting as moderator for qualitative research objectives via focus groups and surveys. This experience gave him a very intimate view of the major pain points that researchers and industries were experiencing when trying to attain true customer engagement and intimacy.

His most recent leadership experience was leading teams at SSI (Survey Sampling International) in the Pacific Northwest. The opportunity at SSI provided him with a deeper proficiency into survey, sampling, and SAAS based research insights. His time at SSI proved to grow his research capabilities in understanding & applying real-time data. “This is where I believe research 100% needs to be. The perfect marriage between, software, technology, and research.” This is what he says compelled him to Fuel Cycle. “The benefits that Fuel Cycle provides is true technological and research agility.”

The Power of Fuel Cycle

“Moving towards automation is an important aspect of understanding and acting on data.” Travis explains, “We are plugged into everything, whether it’s at work or our personal lives, technology is constantly moving and pushing into digital realms. Fuel Cycle is innovative in that they focus heavily on mobile friendly and easy-to-use interfaces.” He holds to the belief that research can maximize and build new insights, but only if it is done right.

“Creativity is super important in staying on the forefront and cusp of cutting-edge work,” Travis says. “I don’t want to invalidate traditional research methodologies, but creating unique and real-time insights comes from research that parallels advancing technology. The more you diversify and innovate with research, the more compelling your data will be.” Travis holds to the belief that Fuel Cycle is providing a way for customers to have a voice, as well as for brands to be empowered by real-time customer insight in the most useful and innovative way.