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Announcing Fuel Cycle’s Newest Sales Director

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Fuel Cycle is committed to expanding and growing a team that provides the best-in-class experience for our clients and prospects. We are pleased to announce our newest Sales Director, Gene Fililpi, who brings with him 24 years of experience in market research.

Gene’s first foray into market research began at Gallup, where he had the opportunity to see market research grow and evolve from paper interviews to over-the-phone interviews to agile qualitative and quantitative studies. From his early days at Gallup, he witnessed how technology has created quicker more actionable data. He explains, “I remember how tedious the process was—usually a week long—to get results from survey responses. Now you can receive those same insights in an hour or two and the quality of the data is exponentially better.”

Witnessing the metamorphosis of market research has given him a unique perspective on how quality data can enhance and grow organizations. After his time at Gallup, Gene worked at Lieberman where he had the chance to work with a variety of clients from CPG to retail and field projects from beginning to end.

Gene professes that market research is in a phase of reinvention where methodology and technology are rapidly changing and expanding to utilize and integrate with different data streams. This is what drew him to Fuel Cycle, he recognizes the need for smart and agile technology that can keep up with the demands that a disruptive market requires. He conveys, “Fuel Cycle is continuously investing in their technology and focusing on delivering an exceptional product and superior customer experience.” He believes that the B2B market is increasingly competing on customer experience the way that B2C giants like Starbucks and Amazon do and is proud to see Fuel Cycle prioritize CX.

Throughout Gene’s expansive career, he has seen time and time again that most clients are looking for a platform like Fuel Cycle and simply just don’t know it exists. He concludes, “I saw that clients were asking for a unified platform that could merge qualitative and quantitative insights and integrate with tools that could be found in an agile, seamless package. I am excited to show current and prospective clients that we are not just a toolbox but that we provide a comprehensive and authentic service.”

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