How to Evaluate Media Content

“When taking a content-first approach, our job as marketers is not to create more content … it’s to create the minimum amount of content with the maximum amount of results.” Robert Rose, Content Marketing Strategist and Author When it comes to evaluating the design of your website, business cards, brochures, or pamphlets, you likely pool […]

A 2020 Retrospective On Market Research

Back in March, when the COVID-19 pandemic was moving full-steam ahead, businesses prepared themselves for short-term changes in consumer behavior. However, many companies didn’t anticipate that almost a year later, we would still be in the thick of quarantines, shutdowns, and a “new normal.”  As we enter the third wave of COVID cases sweeping across […]

Why You Need A Voice-of-Customer Program

A Voice-of-Customer Program (or VoC program for short) is a way for organizations to capture, analyze, and implement customer feedback to better their products and services.  Customer feedback helps small, and large businesses understand their customers on a deeper level. With a VoC program, companies gather data that tells them about customer expectations, preferences, dislikes, […]

5 Ways To Improve UX Research

In order to be successful, brands must understand what makes their customers tick. From pricing to marketing to product features, businesses need to invest in usability research tools if they expect to stand out amongst the competition. With the right combination of user experience research (UX research) and effective UX research tools, organizations can crack […]

How to do In-Home Usage Testing

Have you ever seen the Swiffer WetJet TV commercials? If so, you likely remember that they had a series of ads where they would drop off a box of their cleaning products at an “unsuspecting” family’s doorstep. The family would then use the product, and all of their cleaning problems would magically disappear. Ok, not […]

5 Inspirational Customer Experience Quotes from CX Experts

Customers these days expect a lot out of companies, and with thousands of company reviews available with the click of a button, who can blame them?  There is more information about brands than ever before, empowering customers to make informed decisions before purchasing. The availability of information and fierce competition among brands make the customer […]

5 Signs You’re Not Using Cutting Edge Market Research Software

The data collected with agile market research ensures that businesses are incorporating customer and employee needs into products, communications, and services. By understanding exactly what their audience wants and needs, businesses can quickly make effective decisions that will lead to increased market growth and a healthy bottom line.  In addition to consumer insight, market research […]

How to Tell Your Business Stories Through Data

“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.” Dr. Howard Gardner, professor at Harvard University As market researchers, we live and breathe data, numbers, percentages, trend lines, and statistics. Measuring the customer experience is our bread and butter while evaluating advertising effectiveness is our coffee on the side. We lead with logic […]

How to Be an Insight-Driven Organization

At the heart of every business transaction is a treasure trove of decisions made to reach that proverbial “x marks the spot.” Whenever a consumer clicks “add to cart,” signs a contract, or subscribes to services, you can bet that there were years of elbow grease and X vs. Y discussions behind the scenes that […]

Why Virtual Focus Groups Are Essential in Today’s Age

These days the world has gone largely virtual. Zoom calls have taken the place of in-person meetings, seminars are now webinars, and market research focus groups are now 100% virtual. Virtual focus groups ensure that companies get the critical information they need, without having to gather everyone in one place. This ensures a process that is […]