The Ultimate Guide To B2B Online Communities

Marketing to business to business customers, or B2B customers, has historically been done offline via sales representatives, cold calling, mail adverts, and door-to-door sales. As the world becomes increasingly digital, B2B marketing has shifted to online advertising, social media videos, and email blasts. The differences between B2B and B2C customers have narrowed, and the buyer’s […]

Carhartt’s MROC Evolution Story

While MROCs are beneficial to companies of all sizes, it’s imperative that providers continue to perform as the business grows and evolves. With Fuel Cycle’s Market Research Cloud, teams can run customizable tests for quick-turn insights that drive timely and confident business decisions. As the company grows, research teams can add to their existing MROC toolkit to maximize insight potential of any scale, all […]

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Virtual Interviews & Focus Groups

With COVID-19 shutting down “business as usual,” you may be wondering how to conduct market research safely and effectively. The good news is that your business can still get rich insights from customers even during a global pandemic; however, the method has to change. In-person focus groups and in-depth interviews aren’t an option right now, […]

A Non-Researcher’s Guide To The Kano Model

Any successful business owner will tell you that it’s nearly impossible to launch a product or service effectively without understanding what your customers care about- and to understand what customers care about, brands must invest in market research. Although market research can be an intimidating term for non-researchers, it simply means gathering consumers’ feedback about […]

Earth Day 2021: What is Green MR?

Now more than ever, consumers are investing in brands that are eco-friendly, transparent, and aligned with their environmentally conscious values. To keep up, brands need to think outside the box to appease this growing segment of conscious consumers. Enter Green MR: a research team’s first foot into the eco-friendly consumer mind.  What is Green MR? Green Market Research, or Green MR, connects environmentally conscious consumers with like-minded brands. It helps retailers tailor their merchandise […]

How A&F Uses Virtual Interviews To Stay Connected To Their Customers

Modern market research requires that companies collect customer feedback continuously and in real-time. Long gone are the days of months-long focus groups; marketing in 2021 needs to be efficient, quick, and agile. With the innovative technology found in the FCX Marketplace, researchers can now conduct a wide range of agile customer research in one cohesive, […]

Agile Methods For Lean Teams

Agile market research is the heartbeat of any lean marketing team because it allows companies to gather insights that lead to product and service improvements in real-time. Gone are the days of expensive, drawn-out market research; agile research methods are here to help brands adapt to changes in the market and the world without waiting. […]

Your Step-by-Step Guide To Virtual Interviews

The market research industry has long utilized online research methods to cut costs, increase convenience, and boost efficiency. The allure of virtual research has only grown with brands seeking real-time consumer data that allows them to remain agile at every turn, especially in the wake of COVID. Virtual interviews are an excellent way to gather […]

How To Increase Customer Retention In Financial Services

Customer retention is crucial to any service industry business’s success because customers are happy with what you provide and want to continue working with you. If no one wants to continue working with you, your business is, well…doomed. Customer retention is even more important than acquiring new customers for brand longevity. According to Harvard Business […]

4 Keys to Driving Your Customer Conversation Strategy in 2021

Written by: The Talkwalker Team Your customer matters more than ever in 2021. Luckily for you, you’re sitting on a wealth of data and research that’s just waiting to unlock the secrets to your customer conversation strategy. A winning strategy for customer conversations can drive brand and business success through increased loyalty, engagement and satisfaction. […]