The Light Within: Inspiration from Amanda Gorman

Written by: Becky GomolkaExecutive AssistantFuel Cycle “When day comes, we ask ourselves: where can we find light in this never-ending shade?” – Amanda Gorman, “The Hill We Climb“ At the 2021 Presidential Inauguration, America’s first-ever youth poet laureate, Amanda Gorman, asked listeners a question that hit home on a number of levels. Beginning another year in a global pandemic, […]

What Is Agile Qualitative Research?

Remember spending your Friday nights combing through the aisles of DVDs at Blockbuster? If this question brought up fond memories of buttery popcorn and chewy milk duds, you likely feel a little sad that this once thriving business is no longer. As consumer desires shifted in the early 2000s, companies like Netflix and Redbox swooped […]

A Marketing Manager’s Guide to Customer Personas

As a marketer, it’s your job to understand your customers. From social media strategy to paid ads, blogs, and website design, you live and breathe analytics, brand voice, and aesthetics. And while you think you know who your customers are on a deep level, have you ever really thought of them as a “person?” Do […]

Market Research for Lean Marketing Teams

It’s no secret that businesses that can keep costs low and adapt quickly to market shifts are the most successful, but how did they get there? Lean marketing teams are a significant component of this success because they allow brands to pivot their strategies as the world, the market, and their competitors change. Lean marketing […]

10 Market Research Industry Events to Attend in 2021

The COVID-19 crisis of 2020 initiated an abrupt shift to online market research and insight gathering. This year, researchers are looking to expert-led industry events to help them understand the consequences of this shift and come up with actionable solutions for their insights initiatives moving forward. Last year, event attendees gained invaluable knowledge by participating […]

Observation Research Methods Under Constraints

Observation research is a qualitative research technique where researchers observe participants’ ongoing behavior in a natural situation instead of a simulated trial. With this method, researchers observe participants’ actions and interactions instead of asking them to self-report via a survey. Observational research methods vary and include product testing, where brands provide their products to consumers […]

5 Common Mistakes Researchers Make When Conducting In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews are a form of qualitative market research where researchers collect customer data from small, carefully selected participants. Researchers may utilize in-depth interviews when there is a need for insightful responses, quick turn-around time, and lower costs. Though this market research method has many advantages, there are several pitfalls that researchers will want to […]

Participant Observation Research for Business

What do you do when you need insider and accurate data about how a particular group related to your organization behaves? You set up a research study where observing group interactions and behaviors is the focus. Observation research is a type of qualitative research method where market researchers observe people’s behaviors, in a controlled or […]

Forrester’s 2021 Market Research Predictions

2020 was truly the year of the unpredictable. Under the pressure of a global pandemic, businesses achieved the impossible by embracing remote work and reorienting entire teams to new environments and technologies.  Read on to see what predictions Forrester has for the new year, and how these predictions directly translate to success in 2021, or download our infographic for a shareable visual.  […]

Naturalistic Observation Research for Business

When a brand wants to capture insight into how customers honestly feel about its company or products, the market research team often turns to observation research to glean accurate insights. Observation research in business is a qualitative market research method where researchers watch participants’ interactions and behaviors, as opposed to sending customers a survey.  There […]